Khoon Kee Tasty Prawn Mee & Char Kway Teow

$4 portion of Prawn & Pork Rib noodles

$4 portion of Prawn & Pork Rib noodles

Khoon Kee Tasty Prawn Mee & Char Kway Teow has prevailed as my go-to haven for a big bowl of prawn noodles. Over the past 14 years of scouring the island for the best prawn noodles, Khoon Kee has always come up top, tried and true.

Located at Redhill Lane Hawker Center, the stall is centrally located and easily accessible as it’s not more than a 3 minute walk from the Redhill MRT station, making it the perfect place for a last minute decision Saturday lunch.

The stall is run by a brother and sister, who have come up with the serve an unlikely yet satisfying combination of prawn mee and char kway teow (which is very well done, according to my parents, who must’ve tried every stall in the food center over our countless visits).

Khoon Kee’s prawn noodle dish has been my long-time favorite and overall best, the secret lying in the soup. Soup has always been the make or break point for me, and Khoon Kee has perfected the art of formulating the ideal soup – a perfect liquid amalgamation of deep prawn and pork flavors, whilst not too sweet and not too peppery, and is complemented flawlessly by their chili powder.

Their noodles are of good quality, springy and without any taste of dough or flour. In fact, they even provide a flavor that enhances the taste of the soup. The bean-sprouts that tend to come intertwined with the noodles add a pleasing, crunchy texture making each mouthful all that more enjoyable.

The prawns are fragrant, juicy, fresh and of a generous size, although they have a $8 and $10 serving with XL prawns if so desired! ALthough I have noticed that sometimes the prawns are inconsistent in quality between visits. The pork ribs are not exceptional, and leave something to be improved, however are tender and cooked well enough as an accompaniment for the rest of the dish. The standard $3 portion includes 2 prawns rather than three, however it’s never enough to satisfy my seemingly never-ending hunger.

The one qualm I have over the stall is that they tend to run out fairly early! I’ve gone to their stall at noon on a Saturday to be told that they simply do not have anything left to serve. There have been times where I’ve been so desperate for a bowl that I’ve gone to their sister outlet at Henderson road which uses the same recipe, however they’re slightly more expensive. I’ve never had to face any monstrous queues due to their efficiency and quick preparation time, however to ensure a chance at enjoying a bowl, head over to their stall at Redhill for a slightly earlier weekend lunch.

Soup: 5/5
Noodles: 5/5
Prawn: 4.5/5
Ribs: 3.5/5
Value for money: 5/5
Overall: 4.5/5

Khoon Kee Tasty Prawn Mee & Char Kway Teow:
85 Redhill Lane
#01-58 Redhill Food Centre
Tel: 97693991
Opening hours: 9:30am – 9pm
Closed on Tuesdays

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3 thoughts on “Khoon Kee Tasty Prawn Mee & Char Kway Teow

  1. Jun Wei Huang says:

    Hi Jie, I really enjoy your blog, I think you take prawn noodles too seriously though. I also think you should be nicer to me and Jun Han

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