Blanco Court Prawn Mee

$5.80 Sliced Prawn & Pork Rib Noodles

$5.80 Sliced Prawn & Pork Rib Noodles

A spur of the moment decision this past weekend led me back to Blanco Court Prawn Mee, a stall I haven’t visited in years but has recently left me disappointed. I think the absence (yes, a lack of prawn noodles is considered a significant absence) of this stall from my life led me to put it on a mental pedestal, thinking it to be something it really wasn’t.

I wanted to love it, I did! But the first thing that came to my mind was “salty”. The noodles and condiments weren’t half bad, but the soup was just lacking in balance, and had this overwhelming saltiness that left me smacking my lips in discomfort after the meal. It was hard to distinguish any prominent flavors aside from… salt. But at least I quite enjoyed the noodles. They tasted fresh and not doughy and were quite pleasant alongside the beansprouts and green vegetable. The prawns however were pathetic, for lack of a better word. I ordered a large “sliced prawn and pork rib soup” for $5.80, not realizing that by “sliced” they really meant shredded into a barely recognizable sliver of what was once a prawn. Their size were akin to the dried Japanese sakura prawns that is commonly tossed into Japanese salad – not what I’d expect from a dish that has the word “prawn” in its title. The pork ribs made up for their miserable shrimp, packed with flavor and tender enough to fall off the bone. I’m not usually one to enjoy pork ribs, in fact sometimes I choose to order without, but they were definitely the highlight (and savior) of this dish.

I had read somewhere that this stall was somewhat related to one of my favorite stalls – Joo Chiat Prawn Noodles – which may explain my high expectations, however I may have been wrong in hearing that or just received an unsatisfactory bowl. But I can say I won’t be going back anytime soon to verify.

Soup: 2/5
Noodles: 3.5/5
Prawn: 1/5
Ribs: 3.5/5
Value for money: 2.5/5
Overall: 2.5/5 (Ouch…)

Blanco Court Prawn Mee
243 Beach Road #01-01
6396 8464
Closed on Tuesdays

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