Hong Kong: Lung King Heen @ Four Seasons Hotel

IMG_9684Upon confirming our Hong Kong trip with my Mother, I immediately requested we had a proper dim sum meal – and it easily served as something to look forward to throughout our stay. We managed to secure an early lunch seating at the Four Season’s Lung King Heen – a three Michelin star restaurant combining beautiful food with an equally astonishing view (provided it’s not typically hazy that day.)

Dining at Lung King Heen was a unique experience, considering the uncountable amount of dim sum I’ve had in my lifetime. We ordered off the seasonal menu; steamed shrimp & pork dumplings (siew mai/烧卖), steamed Shanghainese pork dumplings (xiao long bao/小笼包), steamed lobster & scallop dumplings (a rich man’s harkau/虾饺), an assortment of steamed vegetable dumplings and a serving of vegetables and noodles to share. Each dish was presented beautifully and gracefully, properly explained by the server before promptly disappearing off the table and into our mouths.

Steamed Shanghainese Pork Dumpling

Steamed Shanghainese Pork Dumpling

I was particularly fascinated by the Shanghainese pork dumpling due to their interesting serving style, which entirely removed the common stress and fear of tearing the dumpling on its journey from the basket into your bowl. But each piece of dim sum was sumptuous, showcasing a delicate combination of flavors setting Lung King Heen apart from any other dim sum restaurant I’ve tried. The price depends on what you order and how much, but our meal came up to around $400HKD per person which although was a hefty price to pay, I couldn’t expect any less from a restaurant of this caliber. Although Lung King Heen may be a three Michelin starred restaurant, it did not necessarily feel that way – which is both a good and bad thing – in the sense that I did not feel underdressed in my plain white T and skinny jeans, but it is possible that the atmosphere is transformed at night.

All in all, my lunch at Lung King Heen left me waddling out of the restaurant and straight onto the airport express to catch my flight home. For those curious about Lung King Heen, I suggest trying to secure a booking around a month in advance as the restaurant was packed to the brim even for a weekday lunch. Definitely something to try on any upcoming trips to Hong Kong!

Lung King Heen
Four Seasons Hotel
8 Finance St, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 3196 8888

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