Sushi Ichi

In celebration of my last IB exam, my Mother treated me to lunch at Sushi Ichi, with a very nondescript exterior and easily missed in the almost empty Scotts Square mall. Hailing from Ginza, Tokyo, the Michelin starred Sushi Ichi offers a delectable degustation menu at several price points ranging from $60/pax to $250/pax. One may also opt for the full Omakase wherein the customer is able to voice their preferences, therefore the price may vary according to what is selected.

I opted for the “Tsubaki” at $110, which included a starter, a couple small dishes, eight pieces of nigri sushi, a mini chirashi bowl and dessert. After being spoiled by sushi counters at Tsukiji market in Tokyo, I was curious to see how Sushi Ichi would compare, albeit five times the price.

The counter style restaurant seats roughly 12 people, featuring sleek but homely light wood decor, creating a very intimate and authentic Japanese atmosphere. The chef who served us was a native Japanese and spoke very little English but was very friendly and enthusiastic throughout the meal. Upon being seated we were asked if there were any preferences as to what we did not want to be served (pass on the Ikura and Uni please) before starting our meal.

(From left to right)
The appetizer was a literal spoonful of what they called “water vegetable” placed on a savory gelatinous sauce which set the tone for the meal with its interesting combination of textures.

Next we were served a chawanmushi with a small assortment of garnishes, which tasted beautiful both with the egg and on its own. The prawn was notably tasty and slightly sweet.

The next dish looked like a bowl of agedashi tofu, but was in fact Japanese figs and Sakura ebi in fish cake and tofu skin, and it was heavenly.

(clockwise) flounder, mackerel, golden eye snapper, aoyagi clam, tuna and white prawn

(clockwise) flounder, mackerel, golden eye snapper, aoyagi clam, tuna and white prawn

The sushi that followed was simply exquisite. I was captivated by the chef’s impeccable knife skills, watching as he delicately but so precisely sliced each piece of sushi and examining each one to ensure they were of standard. The wasabi was freshly grated in front of our eyes and the perfect amount was used in each piece, not overwhelming the flavor of the sushi but rather complementing it harmoniously. The menu states that the “Tsubaki” includes 8 pieces, two of which I ate too quickly to photograph.


Following the nigri sushi, we were served with a chirashi bowl which was a lot deeper than the above photograph shows. It was almost as if a different component of the dish was hidden in deliberate secret edges of the bowl, giving each mouthful a different flavor and texture – a very very pleasant surprise.

yuzu sorbet (left), sweet potato ice-cream (right)

yuzu sorbet (left), sweet potato ice-cream (right)

To finish off the meal we were given a bowl of miso soup which tasted almost smoked (not pictured), and a choice between yuzu, green tea and sweet potato ice-cream. My mother picked the yuzu whereas I picked the sweet potato. The yuzu was very cooling and refreshing, especially lovely with the chunk of mango served on the side. The sweet potato ice-cream didn’t taste much of sweet potato, but was interesting nevertheless, and wasn’t too sweet either.

All in all, my lunch experience at Sushi Ichi was fantastic. The food was brilliant down to every morsel and the waitresses were extremely attentive and prompt at clearing dishes whilst not feeling like we were being watched. My only gripe is the price, but it’s still cheaper than flying to Japan!

Sushi Ichi
6 Scotts Road, #02-02 Scotts Square
Singapore 228209
Tel: 6299 0014

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